Monday, November 16, 2015

Catch Up: AEDM2015 Days 7,8,9

AEDM2015 Day 7: "Secret"
During this year's challenge I find myself once again creating in my journal very simple collages -- sometimes it's only one or two images, with or without a painted background. When doing a creative challenge I've discovered that often simple is best -- otherwise I get discouraged or frustrated with how much time it takes -- or start to rebel and even quit. Like most people I have a busy life -- lots of obligations, lots of interests, tons of activities. Plus there are emotional challenges and a natural tendency to drift away from my creative, artistic self. I have found that if I keep my collages simple it's -- more often than not -- easy to carve out and stick with a daily creative time. And doing that for myself has so many benefits and pluses to the psyche and my emotional well being that I'm reinvigorated creatively by the end of a challenge or a project.

AEDM2015 Day 8: "Ask Yourself if this Is Important"
AEDM2015 Day 9: "Wildlife"

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