Sunday, November 30, 2014

AEDM2014 Day 30: Last Day!

Art Every Day Month 2014 Day 30: Last Day!
Last day for AEDM! I finished my little journal's cover for today's art. It's been a fabulous journey this month. Once again I am impressed with the power and benefits of keeping to a regular art practice. I also loved creating again in one of the Paperblanks journals. There is something oh-so-satisfying about filling a hardbound book with art. And that fat

My AEDM 2014 Journal, Completed

Saturday, November 29, 2014

AEDM2014 Day 29: "The Natural Liberation of Habits"

Art Every Day Month 2014 Day 29: "The Natural Liberation of Habits"  
Because I grew up in an alcoholic home I was effected on many levels by the dysfunctions that come with living with a family of addicts. It's amazing that I never became an alcoholic or an addict. Part of my ability to survive, I think, is because I believe that I, and all life, has a connection with a loving, Creative Being. And that's about as far as I take it except that I try to live the Golden Rule. I haven't always been successful at it but that is part of living, isn't it? Meanwhile I have my own habits that so far I am unwilling to give up: chocolate, and art making!!!

AEDM2014 Day 28: "Balance."

Art Every Day Month 2014 Day 28: "Balance."
A reminder to myself every day -- yet some how I know that my real job is not to hide away on some mountain top. To be as engaged in this life as much as I can -- but stay aware. That's being in balance.

Friday, November 28, 2014

AEDM2014 Day 27: "Income for Life"

Art Every Day Month Day 27: "Income for Life" 
I find it humorous and even a bit interesting when I can't figure out why in the name of *** I put images together! Money doesn't grow on trees? (Actually I think Nature and Creation are the source of wealth.) Is the Madonna Gaia or a feminine representation of God (from whom all things flow)?"

Monday, November 24, 2014

AEDM Day 23: "A Matter of Perspective"

Art Every day Month Day 23: "A Matter of Perspective"
Tonight I had to push past my "Making Ugly Art" voice and just get into playing as much as I could -- with color and images and pens and pencils. It always amazes me what the final results are --beautiful, ugly, or somewhere in between.

Friday, November 21, 2014

AEDM Day 21: "Unfinished"

Art Every Day Month Day 21: "Unfinished"
A lot of the times I will start a page spread and then not have a clue what's the next step. I've learned to not stress out over this lack of clarity and direction -- it's really just part of the creative process. It may take me a while to find that missing piece -- and then sometimes I learn to just love what's there.