Sunday, November 15, 2015

Catch Up: AEDM2015 Days 4,5,6

AEDM2015 Day 4: Where I Am
Life keeps getting in the way of creating -- or at least it feels like it. Last Wednesday through this Monday we were in St. Thomas for a destination wedding. I took my journal and art supplies and had very good intentions of continuing on with my journal page spread a day for the Art Every ay Month Challenge. I confess I spent to much time on the beach or at wedding event, or having dinner with family and friends. Hence I didn't complete any collages that i could scan.
AEDM2015, Day 5: Whole New Ways to Make (A) Better World
I did however, spend some time pulling magazine images, and gluing pages, and laying down some color, and laying some images down, So I was technically being creative. Still I felt guilty. ANd this is a trap I am very aware of now. So I don't let it snowball me. I know that at some point I'll get back into the swing of creating. I have to be compassionate with myself and then all of sudden things will start to flow.
AEDM2015 Day 6: Welcoming You with Wonder
 So I'll continue to catch up as I move through this month and post my collages as I have the time. Starting with now!

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