Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Catch Up: AEDM2015 Days 10, 11, 12

AEDM2015 Day 10: "La Vie Verte (Healing)
Continuing on with my catch-up posting of my Art Every Month journal collages. This collage is close to my heart. The two most healing things for me are cats and nature -- or green places in nature. I happened to run across this photo of a grey cat that I clipped sometime in the foggy past. This cat reminded me of a Russian Blue I had rescued in Midway, Kentucky during a college summer break. She was instrumental in the healing of my relationship with my alcoholic father who had recovered in my 16th year. I didn't know how to talk with him, or he with me until Roxanne came into our lives. She would intentionally lead me into my father's room -- or I would be looking for her and she would be there on his chest in his bedroom. We would start talking about Roxanne, then the family, then life, then spirituality and over the years my father and I built a loving, laugh-filled relationship. Thanks Roxanne wherever you are!
AEDM2015 Day 11: "Begin an Enduring Love Affair"
I love the feeling in this page that I created, perhaps because it speaks to me of my  journey through life. It is also a pop-up page -- the girl springs up when the page is opened -- you can see the shadow created by her face.

AEDM2015 Day 12: "The Search"
Might do some journaling on this page...

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