Monday, April 6, 2015

Drawing Myself Back to Nature...

Nature sustains me. Aside from the moments I share with my companion animals, I never feel as relaxed as I do when I'm walking in the woods, or sitting under a tree, or gazing at distant vistas. One of my intentions this year is to bring more of nature into my journals and altered books. This is an area I want to explore and celebrate.

Kelly Johnson, a "coheart" of mine, is preparing to launch an e-course "Drawing Yourself Back to Nature" -- so I jumped on this chance to manifest my intention to do just that! One of the lovely things about Kelly is that she makes drawing in nature a fun, exploratory, and engaging pastime. She works a lot with children so play is a big educational tool in her teaching vocabulary. And that's very important to me -- because historically if I I take a "serious" course my critic comes in and all things stop. Play and a sense of wonder is what encourages my creativity.

Check out Kelly's description of her "Drawing Yourself Back to Nature: Art Journaling for Everyone E-Course". The minute she opens the course registration on April 13th -- I'm there!

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