Wednesday, March 4, 2015

I Did It! My Very First E-Course!

Journals from my Daily Journal Page Challenge (2009-20012)
This was a BIG step in my creative journey: I finally completed planning, developing, launching, and teaching my very first online art course: "Your Daily Creative Practice: 30 Days of Pocket-Sized Journal Collages to Grow Your Creativity".

I'm kind of in shock now that it is all over! It took such a Herculean effort to get this thing out of my imagination and into reality. It's almost unreal how it all came together. I started thinking about it a year ago in one of the Right Brain Business Plan groups (and I probably set it as a goal even further back than that). I was actually planning on releasing my Intro to Altered Books first when I took the marvelous Kiala Givehand's Design, Develop, Deliver e-course in October and got a bit more fleshed out around that. I learned so much about e-course structure, development and technology in this course.

Then a few more months went by and in the Fall I took one of Jennifer Lee's Product Development Playground e-course and switched my gears to really developing and pulling together an e-course of my 3.5 year Daily Journal Page Challenge (how I really started to really develop my creative eye and sense of myself as an artist). I named my instructional e-course Your Daily Creative Practice.

Happy Ending: 37 people signed up for Your Daily Creative Practice, and over 25 of them participated in the secret Facebook group that I set up so people could share their journal collages and get inspiration from each other. I learned so much and had a terrific time creating this course and it was an amazing gift to teach and interact with so many gifted people!


  1. Congratulations, Virginia, in teaching your very first online class! Will you be offering an online class on how to make your altered books? I'd love to learn how. Enjoy your day!

    1. Hi Krissy! You changed the spelling of your name!?! Thanks so much -- it really was great and yes in the fall I'm planning on releasing my altered book intro Unleashing Your Creative Magic. Do you get my newsletter? But I'll be announcing it here ahead of time anyway. I'll probably be running it in October since I seem to work at a snail's pace! XOXO