Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Nature's Whispers: What Called Out to Me the Other Day

Do You See What I See?
YAY! I've been asked by Kelly Johnson to illustrate one of the activities from her upcoming e-course "Draw Yourself Back to Nature" (registration opens April 13th). I chose the prompt "Nature's Whispers" with the task of creating a journal spread around that theme. Kelly describes nature's whispers as the little things in our surrounding environment that may go unnoticed, yet have great impact on us if we seek out and explore them closer.

This photo is for me an a perfect example of nature's whispers. I was walking on my favorite trail at Deer Island reserve and was drawn to a limb stump on this big beautiful oak tree, which had fallen from Sudden Oak Disease over the winter.

Do You See a Manta Ray or Horseshoe Crab?
I went over to look at it because there was an interesting shadow cast on it. The shape reminded me of a ray or skate or horseshoe crab. It reminded me of all the times as a child that I used to run on the ocean's edge on Captiva and Sanibel Islands. I was always so excited when the big, prehistoric-looking horseshoe crabs would wash up on the beach.

My Eye was Drawn to the Hollowed Out Limb Stump...

Then my eye was drawn down to a hollowed out place where a limb had broken way from the tree. The inside was filled with shredding wood and my eye was drawn again to a shape. I leaned closer and the image of a horse's began to take shape in my mind's eye...
A Horse's Head and Neck in the Crook of the Hollow?

Nature whispers...yes, She does! I'll be giving a sneak peak of my journal pages using the prompt "Nature's Whispers" tomorrow

If you'd like to learn more about Kelly's e-course "Draw Yourself Back to Nature : Art Journaling for Everyone" go here.

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