Saturday, November 1, 2014

AEDM Day 1: "Just Be"

"Just Be"
This is the first day of Leah Piken Kolidas Art Every Day Challenge for the month of November! I participated in this wonderful challenge a number of years back and highly encourage any one who is struggling with their creative side to join in or consider joining her Creative Every Day Challenge for the year.

Back in 2008/09 I had been seen her challenges and other artists' challenges on the web and being unsure of myself creatively (and shy to show my art work) I thought heck I'll just do one for myself. Which I did same time as I was doing my own personal, year long Journal Page a Day Challenge (you can scroll back through the old posts of my blog and see all of the artwork starting here if you wish.) Without a doubt doing challenges help build creative habits and provide all sorts of wonderful psychological perks!

What I especially love about Leah's challenges is that they are community driven -- you get feedback, positive reinforcement, and a TON of creative inspiration by viewing what all the other participants are sharing

So it's great fun to participate again. This year I am again doing a page a day in my little journal books...I look forward to seeing what emerges this time from my daily commitment -- and visiting all the other creatives' blogs!

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