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How To Art Journal October Post: Back Pockets for Journals!

Finish This Altered Book AB, Pocket Detail
Do you take a journal with you on your travel trips?  Yes? I usually take two! And do you collect stuff while traveling? Well, I don't know about you -- but when I travel I am constantly picking up memorabilia -- metro tickets, note cards and postcards, cafe menus, local shop business cards and circulars, travel itineraries, etcetera, etcetera! 

Furthermore I am always stopping in art, craft, ribbon, office supply or stationary stores to see what the locals are selling in art media. Sometimes I scan the streets and buildings for cool posters and "portable" graffiti  -- all to add into my journal. (OK, I confess, I take at least one roll on bag that is crammed full with -- if not before I go on the trip -- then after -- all of my art supplies and/or goodies I've snapped up while traveling!) Sometimes I'll just start sticking things into my journal willy-nilly -- with or without gluing them in.

Paris 2012 Travel Journal, Pocket Detail

One of the altered book pocket structures that I teach in my Art Journal Your Travels workshops is the back pocket. Pocket structures can be useful in art journals for storing some of the stuff you pick up on your travels and plan to put into your journal. Pockets are also great places to keep those smaller bits that are easier to lose. But before I teach you the back pocket — I’m going to teach you a very simple pocket that can be placed anywhere in your book or journal, and will get your juices flowing.
Supplies you will need for these two projects:
  1. Scissors
  2. Uhu Glue Stick
  3. Red Sticky Tape or Double Sided Tape
  4. Some magazine images
  5. Art media to color and decorate your pages (i.e. ink pads, water soluble oil pastels, acrylic paint
  6. Note card envelope(s)
  7. Stuff to stick in your envelope pockets

Simple Envelope Pocket

The most utilitarian pocket you can make in your journal is simply gluing a note card envelope onto a page. See the heart envelope above as an example — the envelope is glued to the right side of the altered book spread and I glued the girl’s image to the left side of the spread. The top of the envelope folds out to the right so you can access the items (or love letter!) you’ve stored inside. You can place these pockets anywhere in your journal or book. Think of a whole book filled with these lovely recycled envelopes!

Altered Book or Travel Journal Back Pocket

This is a pocket that you create at the very back of the book or journal. I like making these because it allows you to use the pocket as a hold-all for items you may be using later on down the road. Also the book will stay closed easier if you do accumulate a lot of items and they are in the back of the book (instead of the center).
Here’s the steps:
1. Lay your book or journal on a flat working surface and open to the last three pages. Glue these three pages together with the glue stick.

2. Then glue the previous three pages together.
3. Cut along the right edge of the first set of pages from the bottom right (at least 2-3″ up from bottom of page) to the top of the page. This cut section will be the front of your pocket.

4. Lay down 2 pieces of double-sided sticky tape on the inside of the first set of glued pages. Remove the top layer of protective tape from both pieces and flip the set of pages over onto the top of the inside back of the book.
5. Decorate your pages with magazine images or art media. Your pocket is now ready to be used!

If you have any questions -- feel free to post here in the comments, or email me!

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