Sunday, November 2, 2014

AEDM Day 2: "Spiritual Activist"

Art Every Day Month Day 2: "Spiritual Activist"

I wondered how it would be today, it being Day 2 of the AEDM Challenge. I had an Open Studio today so worked on my journal page on and off when people weren't visiting. I created a whole other page but it wasn't falling together. I couldn't find the right images in the moment. So I stopped and started again. I've done enough of this type of work to know that if something isn't clicking then wait and take it up again another time. I don't sweat it, just leave it until another day. I like the page that came after, this one. It fell together pretty easily and I like how it's "me" all over the page -- my spiritual self -- the one that journeys the path, the nature lover, the beast that calls to me and is part of me. This is what I love most about intuitive or soul collage -- it speaks to you in the moment and for ever.

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