Friday, July 22, 2011

Ring the Bell, I'm Back in the Ring...

Note the New Spiderweb the Day After Our Painting
Well, after a two-month hiatus I think I'm ready to continue writing about my creative exploits and experiences. I am finally feeling like I can sit down in front of the computer and...muse. And more. I'm still taking a break from my Daily Journal Page Challenge and will resume that when the call is strong enough.
Post show, my sister Mary and I totally revamped our front porch. She talked about this on her last visit in March, and I finally let her at it after the street fair. Prior to her coming I ordered a wild indoor/outdoor 5'x8' rug -- orange, red, purple were the colors. We headed off to Pini's Ace Hardware and bought red, orange, purple, and pistachio spray paint. We went to Pier One and bought a ton of mismatched pillows with those colors in it. Back at home, we pulled all the vintage, peeling, dull, white wicker furniture that I inherited from my grandparents off the porch and in the 85+ degree heat went wild with the spray cans.
Not to say I didn't have reactions to all this change. My sister had to keep saying to me "you're going to love this". Sometimes I'd put my foot down and say what I did wanted. But mostly I went with the flow cause I know I like what my sister does. That's the creative process. And it fits with who I am and where I am heading. These pictures show the result: wild, bright, fun colors. Adventurous. Playful. Stimulating. Productive. YAY!!!

Transformation Achieved!

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  1. love it, your sis knows wished i had my grandparents wicker rockers.. dang.. they were a cornflower blue...