Friday, July 22, 2011

A Successful Adventure...

Kentucky Girl Designs Booth Back Wall
Well, I've finished my street fairs for the summer, and the pressure of making pendants and product is temporarily least until the November/December holiday shows! The San Anselmo Art and Wine Festival was all-in-all a successful experience for me from a sales and marketing experience. In general I think that street fairs are a mixed bag -- they are grueling on many levels especially the prep and set up and not a ton of sales in this economy. HOWEVER, they are really great for me to be in because they get me out into the public in front of people and they get out the word about Kentucky Girl Designs. I get good feedback all along the spectrum -- excited, awestruck, friendly, lukewarm, indifferent. I take it all with a grain of salt and enjoy the process. I can see how many people appreciate the creative spirit, and also how some wish they could be more creative for themselves. These are the people that I welcome into my altered book workshops because I know I can get them in touch with that side of themselves! I also like the idea of my jewelry being worn and treasured by the "perfect person".
San Anselmo Art and Wine Festival 2011  Street View
And as a footnote,many thanks to my sister Mary -- always supporting that creative side of me and being with me for the show set up, sales, and tear-down. Among a zillion attributes, my sister is a booth stylist and sales floor whizz and "just the bestest" sister I could ever have.
My Adorable Sister Dearest, Mary
And hugs and kisses to my husband Munro for getting up at 5:00AM, transporting goods, set up and tear down, following directions from his loving and pushy wife, and tolerating a chaotic home for the past two months. And more hugs and kisses to all of my peeps (you know who you are) who came by to say hi or make a purchase, or even just sent good wishes my way!

My Co-Heart and Chief Sponsor

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