Thursday, May 26, 2011

Working and Creating: Establishing a Discipline

My preparation for my exhibiting at the Caledonia Spring Street Faire in Sausalito has kept me away from posting this past month. It started with a dear (and wise) friend's challenge to establish a work schedule of 5-8 hours a day, 5 days a week, in my studio. This has not been easy for me...far from it...but I am happy to report that I have accomplished that initial challenge and I will continue to adhere to a schedule -- both in the studio as well as online -- as I build my jewelry and creativity workshops. It would have been great to write about this over the last month or so -- but I honestly had no extra energy to spare. So I just worked in my studio and watched what emerged. It really is kind of wonderful. Looking forward to seeing what happens this weekend. If you are in the area, please drop by the Faire, 9am-6pm, Caledonia Street, Sausalito -- and say "Hi"!


  1. I zoomed in on the photo.. I love what u did to your oriels.. the necklace part... those beads are awesome!. I am trying to think of one that u can make for me... I love Beth's charm for karma as well as her charm for strength which I think is? ok, just had an alzheimer moment.. anyhow I think u get my idea.. Would love something depicting strength, healing... love the colors green and blue which I know blue is for healing...

  2. damn, wished i lived closer, i would visit you at the faire!!.

  3. Thanks Chrissy -- I've made a lot of new oriels that feature power animals. I'll be posting some of them either here or Facebook or online somewhere in the next few weeks and maybe you'll see something you like and I can tweak it just for you and add the charms you want...