Monday, June 20, 2011

Oh My, My, My...I've Been Busy...But I have Been Thinking of You

I keep meaning to come here. I keep meaning to write about what I've been doing artistically. I just haven't had the energy or the focus or the desire to write. Well, the desire is there, but the willingness to step over my reticence has not. It's like loving someone dearly but hanging around in the shadows...not being able to actively reach think about them daily but nada, no motion.

I do not mean to be gloomy -- there is much to rejoice about: I have been busy, creating jewelry every day; I am moving step by step toward my business goals and dreams; a fabulous clothing store in San Rafael took 30 of my pendants on consignment; I am gradually preparing for my next show/street fair on July 16th and 17th; I am gradually posting some of my new pendants in my Etsy shop; and I am making regular announcements on my Facebook business page. I'm even in the process of applying for an art studio at the Hamilton Arts Center in Novato. Lot's happening. Soon I will return to these pages...I promise.

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