Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 Daily Journal Page Challenge -- Day 273

2009 Daily Journal Page -- Day 273: New Inspiration Taking Root Among the Ruins
That which we strive for often arises out of crisis. The dark of the night is followed by the morning sun. Creative inspirations often come out of dashed dreams. Both the clay soldier/warrior and the woman (an aspiring warrioress) are looking toward the future, hidden though it may be.

I began this personal art challenge in March of last year, with the goal of creating one journal page a day for a year. I am now on day 273 of my challenge, with a little less than 3 months to go. This has been a fabulous way to develop my creativity and to make a discipline of being creative. I use Paperblanks mini journals, which are small, and I try to leave a blank area to write in. It is a challenge that has been very easy, very simple, highly rewarding, deceptively motivating. Some of you have asked if I write in the pages -- I do, but mostly the pages reflect visually something I am dealing with in the moment or have dealt with in the past, or are hoping to achieve in the future. I have 12 completed journals now, a little more than 1 per month. I look forward to continuing this challenge for as long as I desire to do so.


  1. Another positive journal page!.. Nice way to start the year...( paperblanks link? doesn't go anywhere).....I think u have created something neat... The images definitely take the place of words...I may start one of these- looks like fun.

  2. Hi and wishing you a happy, happy New Year!!! Great to catch up on your beautiful pages and may 2010 be your most creative, and loveliest year yet!

  3. I fixed the link Chrissy! Thanks Kendalee -- great to hear from you and the same back at ya!