Friday, January 1, 2010

Creative Every Day 2010 Challenge -- Day 1

2010 Creative Every Day Challenge: Day 1 -- FAT!
I joined Leah Piken Kolidas' Art Every Day for a Month (November) and had such a positive experience with it, both in stimulating my creativity and belonging to an interesting artistic community. As a result I decided to join her Creative Every Day 2010 Challenge. This challenge encourages and supports you to create something -- art, word, photo, dance, music, etc., every day if possible and post your resulting creative piece on her site whenever possible.

As a result of my participation in November's challenge, I went out and found an art teacher (the mother of a close friend -- I will write about her later) to teach me how to draw. I have never had any art lessons, other than a week retreat of Betty Edward's Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. I learned that I could draw, but I hated it. I felt ready after November to o past these feelings and explore my abilities. I want to be able to draw and paint what I see and feel and I felt the Creative Ever Day Challenge would support me in exploring this.

"The Body" is this month's optional theme. So this is first entry is a contour drawing (more or less) of one of my legs. I have never loved my body. I am more comfortable with it now -- I see its beauty except there is still an uncomfortableness, a dislike, about my legs -- really my thighs. I have never liked them. But no way am I drawing my thighs! At least not yet, and I don't even know that I would share those drawings if I did. But here is my leg -- and boy did I draw it FAT. Diego Rivera FAT. Fernando Botero FAT. August Renoir FAT. I added the butterfly stickers so I wouldn't feel SO FAT!!!


  1. Love the drawing...sure u don't mean 'phat'? butterflies...could be tats huh?

  2. I * LOVE * your art !

    All of this is totally new f/ me.
    When I discovered Leah's Creative Everyday blog it was like finding gold @ the end of the Rainbow.
    Working ALL day, I managed to create my own blog : Journal For * Today *- I'm listed as Elizabeth C. in Leah's sidebar.

    I'm curious re. the small journals-
    Your collage pieces; are they done in these journals ?

    Reading what you said re. writing in the journals, I could relate-
    Most of my thoughts are done wi/ the art.
    Writing about what's going through my brain, and running the risk that someone might read it, could get me in a lot of trouble-as in, " Wow, I never knew just how mean-spirited mom could be " ( LOL )

    The collage art I'm doing resembles yours to some extent.
    I'm obssessed w/ Beauty-
    So I go into fashion magazines for my collage papers.

    Looking forward to following your ART- all of it !

    Blessings and Peace,
    Elizabeth C.

  3. This is Elizabeth C. - Again :)

    I would like to be one of your " followers ".....Think I did it right when I used Google.

    Look f/ the woman w/ the Black English Cocker ( Billy )- that's me :)

  4. Chrissy -- you make me giggle -- I never thought of that -- *PHAT* -- that's the flip side of it, isn't it? LOL! And thanks so much for your comments, Elizabeth. The collages and drawings (I've only posted a few here on this blog) are done in a slightly bigger handmade journal -- it's 9.5"T x 6.5"W. The Daily Journal Page collages that are done in the paperblanks journals are smaller -- those journals are 5"T x 3.5"W. You aren't listed as a follower here -- Google Reader is something different, but you may have chosen not to be visible. I think you can change that in your Google Reader settings.

  5. This is TOTALLY cool! Really beautiful! I'd love to see more stuff like this, although not at the expense of the other stuff. Just work twice as much and thrice as hard, okay?

  6. I'm restarting my lessons with Sabrina (an 87-year-old art teacher) this weekend, so you'll be seeing more, koufax.