Saturday, January 2, 2010

2009 - 2010 Daily Journal Page Challenge...Day 274

2009 - 2010 Daily Journal Pages -- Day 274: Pity the Man (or Shoes) Stuck in...Idaho
Stuck. All dressed up and nowhere to go...don't you just hate that feeling? Like you're ready to go to a fancy ball and you realize you left your magic crystal shoes (or some magic man) in some godforsaken part of the planet. Can you even remember where you left them? Your make up is perfect, your dress reflects your beautiful, spunky, adventurous soul -- and you left the most important item of your outfit in some closet somewhere! Stuck! How can you possible fly without those shoes? Well, sister, you can -- just go barefoot! Your wings aren't on your heels -- they are folded on your back! Oh-h-h-h, those! Just spread them and fly! They'll beat a pair of crystal shoes anytime!

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  1. " Stuck. All dressed up and ready to go .....don't you just hate that feeling ? "

    YES ! It's awful.
    This is way I wear comfy, comfort clothes almost everyday.
    Shoes too-I have a favorite pair of black Arche boots and some open toe Burkenstocks w/ thick wooly socks.

    Waiting around f/ someone or something to magically appear can be dreadful...
    The idea that we can decide to fly is full of * Hope *

    Your use of yellow makes this picture a favorite of mine.
    Our blonde, bouffant- hair-do- girl has moxy !

    The bold block of yellow in the background w/ the moxy-girl placed on the edge is another thing I like. She's what ?- Maybe 1/3rd of the whole, and still she dominates everything in her path. Very fitting/ Makes the point : We're tired of this and we're not going to take it anymore ! "

    Elizabeth C

    ( BTW- Thanks f/ joining my blog * Huge Smile * )

    ALSO :
    The expression on this girl's face is perfect - I can just hear her saying, " What-ever ....Duh "