Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hello, My Mane in the Wind!

Dear Mane in the Wind,
It's so GREAT! hearing from you. You've been on my mind...always...but somehow I just couldn't sit down at the computer to write you a love letter. I knew somehow that you'd understand, because your blood runs through my veins. I've guess I've been traveling the road of independence, maybe? Kind of like a teenager or college grad? Well,  I've been testing my wings; experimenting with different life situations; trying out all sorts of, hmmmn, illicit substances; giving up old habits and acquiring some new ones! Sometimes I feel very alone in this world. Sometimes I just want to be alone (except for my two kitties). But I really want to tell you and The World what I've been doing creatively for the past two years; what I'm doing now; what's been working and what doesn't seem to fit; what things I planning to do, what things I'm just dreaming about. I think there might be some kindred souls out there who are also traveling this road and I'd love to hear from them!

Was it only 5 years ago I started sharing this creative journey with you? I was so unsure of myself then, as you well know...And now, well, something is stronger! I now know and without hesitancy can claim that I am a gifted, creative soul!

And my mane definitely blows in the wind! It's great to be back!

Love, Love, Love,
Photos of Some of the Things I've Been Doing in 2013-2014 (Teaching Artist for ATA; Get to draw Rodin's "The Kiss" at the National Gallery of Scotland; Studiy painting and drawing with Sabrina TerHeune; Hold "Express Yourself! Intro to Altered Books and Collage" and "Altered Book Portals as a Way of Seeing" workshops; Learn intuitive painting from Flora Bowley and Tracy Verdugo workshops; Teach altered books at The Gap, Inc.; "Hold Art Journal Your Travels" workshop at Book Passage; Expand my Wild Spirit Animals line of jewelry...) Visit Kentucky Girl Designs website for more info...

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