Thursday, April 12, 2012

Daily Journal Page Challenge -- Day 977

Daily Journal Page Challenge...Day 977: Is a Weak Man (Got Milk?)
Doesn't look weak to me -- look at those pecks and the tats! Nor does she. Now here -- in this collage -- I am wondering what in the heck I may be "saying" about myself or dealing with on an energetic level?!?! Surrender of aggression? Of knowledge? Weakness that is actually strength? Prayers for the living? Prayers for the dead? A special mass being said for some part of myself that has been replaced?  LOL! Whatever the interpretation there is definitely a sense of humor present here!


  1. that backdrop looks like Rome bottom of the spanish steps.
    you would feel week if you'd just run up them.

  2. Never been to Rome. Or the Spanish Steps -- I'll have to take your word on it :)!