Thursday, April 12, 2012

Daily Journal Page Challenge -- Day 976

Daily Journal Page Challenge...Day 976: Making Sense
One of the things I love most about collage is its representation of the artist's internal process. It is one of the reasons why I don't necessarily have to keep a written journal. I can just look at one of my collages and see the images and text that I have chosen the emotional or physical or spiritual process that I am dealing with, or the aspect of myself that is calling for attention in that moment of its creation. I also like the Rorschach quality of collage -- that the person viewing it will also come away with their own personal interpretation of the collage, which can reflect back to them their own particular processes. It becomes in a sense a mirror of what the viewer is thinking or feeling. For instance in this collage I see a reaffirmation of my spiritual journey -- the jaguar represents the aggressiveness and emotional determination of my pursuit of the "honey" of Spirit. The wedding ring represents my commitment to this journey. The diamond is strength, harness, beauty. My choice of text "Making Sense" --trying to figure it all out -- is a component of the journey: so is the looking away from it (as represented by my choice of figure) or the conflict. Now it's important to mention that none of these associations were considered when I chose the images. Color I think was foremost in my mind. Nevertheless my subconscious mind or spirit was at work. I love this process!

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