Wednesday, April 20, 2011

"Je Dessine" (I Draw) Show-and-Tell Mondays

Yes, it's Wednesday. But my excuse is that I've been traveling in Europe (and recovering) for the past 2 weeks! I went with sketchbook and pencils and Aquacolors, and the good intention to draw amidst the hectic, creativity-inducing environment of London and Paris. I did zero -- well maybe not "zero". One afternoon my husband and I revisted the Luxembourg Gardens. This is a beaiful park, very relaxing, with winding paths, statues, fountains, a small vineyard, a sailboat fountain, pony rides, etc. While my husband read the newspaper in a chair, I took some photos of a nearby fountain then quickly sketched a commemorial statue under the trees and some gesture drawings of people on benches. Nothing I'd like to post here, though!
On the transAtlantic flight back from Paris, I was reading in a current favorite book (actually one that has kept my attention for two years) Trust the Process by Shaun McNiff. I've been doodling and drawing in theis book as I go. So I drew an imaginary room. No view out the window though. Just couldn't imagine what might be out there!

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