Wednesday, April 20, 2011

2011 Daily Journal Page Challenge...Year3...Day 5

2011 Daily Journal Page Challenge: Year3...Day 5: Adding That Touch Of
last spread created while in London
London is such a curious mix -- a city that I will continue to enjoy -- each time I return. I love the mix of history and present day influences. I love hearing 20 different languages being spoken as you walk down the streets. I love equally it's pristine, architecturally correct buildings and gardens and the blasphemous, graffiti-smeared walls.


  1. I can see that traveling does wonders for your creativity!. Love the different sections- they all come together well!.

  2. Well thank you Chrissy! This one felt fragmented, but that's the way I felt on my trip -- so I just really emphasized it with the torn up trading cards. And it does have the feeling of London for me.