Tuesday, April 19, 2011

2011 Daily Journal Page Challenge...Year3...Day 3

2011 Daily Journal Page Challenge...Year3...Day 3: Love the Way They Make You Feel
Second spread I created while in London. Feels unfinished. Like my life I suppose. My husband and I always stay at the Bailey's Millenium when we are in London for the London Book Fair. It's an old, British hotel that was kept intact and connected to a larger, more modern convention style hotel next door. We have always loved the feel of the Baily with it's vintage brass and wood interior and intimate, antique lobby and pub-style bar area. This year the pub had been altered to reflect the new restaurant that had moved in. The casual, relaxed sofas had been replaced with spillover dining seating from the restaurant. I found it wrenching on some level. It's not like I don't like new -- but the qualities of the pub had changed for me. I always looked forward to having afternoon cappuccinos next to the fireplace and doing some journaling or blogging. It was special and different from my regular life routine. Unsettling to see how attached you get to things. Nowadays I just take note of it, shed a tear or two, wave goodbye, and move on....


  1. i don't get that feeling at all... hth did u have time to do journals?

  2. Hi Chrissy! Well, I'm glad you like it as is. I don't know, it seems like I had very little time -- or more like it -- energy -- like I had in past years. But I did do a few things!