Friday, March 18, 2011

Mixed Media: You Are the Person You Dreamed You Are

You Are the Person You Dreamed You Are
I did this 8 x 10 mixed media canvas sometime last month -- or was it the month before? Initially I didn't like the technique I was trying out (journal spilling and then adding multiple paper layers, gessoing then painting over). It's been lying around for a while in my art studio, in my office, in the house. But I've finally come to like it: the colors, the movement, the sparkles, the way I gessoed then painted over her dress with iridescent oil pastels.  It was prompted by the death of a friend, mentor, teacher -- Shirley Luthman -- and perhaps the mixed emotions of her leaving this world had to be processed before I could appreciate what she had left me with and what the painting represented of my journey.

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