Friday, February 25, 2011

2011 Daily Journal Pages...Day 319

 2011 Daily Journal Pages -- Day 319: Having a Moment
Seems like I have these moments (self-doubt, confusion, inertia) throughout the day, most days -- but they are actually happening less and less these days. That's a miracle, I think. Could be: a healthier diet, losing excess weight, going on biodenticals, feeling loved by people close to me, loved by those far from me, loved by the Universe, and finally feeling loved by me. Less room for for "those moments". And when those moments come, well I either just wait them out, knowing they are on the front runner of some change, or I bluster through them, or I just throw my heart over the fence and follow it.


  1. biodenticals? had to google that... if you are going thru the big M, I've done it... I refused to take anything...people say I was lucky not to have the issues most have had.

  2. We all have to "have a moment" every now and then. It's best when they're sparse. Great composition!