Monday, January 31, 2011

Je Dessine ("I Draw") Show-and-Tell Monday

Angie at the Vet's Looking Out a Window

Zeus Laying on the Deck

A Few Quick Sketches of Angie Again at the Vet's

Well, I sketched a lot this past week. Mostly I made small drawings (in a 5"x6" journal) as I was sitting in different venues: my cat at the vet clinic (one drawing is from earlier in the month, as well as this one I quickly drew today today); a friend's greyhound at a meeting;
Lola in Group
and one self-portrait (where I've made myself look like I'm 500 lbs. Ahem, I have gone on a diet!). I do seem to be tackling drawing a bit more least I don't worry about what I'm sketching -- I just do it. But I do have an intention, if not expectation, that my skill will increase if I keep doing this.


  1. I can't sketch people or animals for the life of me!... doodle yes, but I don't consider that drawing.....oh that first sketch of
    Angie... The not so happy one of her reminds me of K. she is so scared, big saucer

  2. I really WANT to sketch people and animals. I agree that the more we do it the better we will get. I saw an exhibit on Elizabeth Layton ( once and it was fascinating to see how she grew artistically after startting out doing bling contour drawings of herself.

  3. Oh No, sorry for all the typo's, I am tired..better get off the computer and rest!

  4. Sloane -- what a fascinating and interesting website -- Elizabeth was quite the woman. So glad you shared the link. (First read I didn't even see the typos -- and I've been a proofreader in my work life! LOL! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. I love your drawings. Beautiful.