Thursday, January 20, 2011

2011 Daily Journal Pages...Day 291

2011 Daily Journal Pages -- Day 291: Transformation
Well maybe I'm still in the process -- isn't life a continual transformation of personas, roles, feelings, thoughts, visions, bodily processes? You kinda want to hang on to what works, though -- don't cha? Sometimes way past the leaping off point. A couple of days ago I took that jump -- I had 3 inches cut off my hair -- which is a major step for this Delilah and requires from me an incredible leap of faith: long, beautiful hair has reigned supreme for most of my life. It's one of those rare things that I love about myself. Besides, don't horses, pole dancers, vampires, and mermaids all require long hair? So why change a good thing? For sure I've lived, inhabited, exuded both personally and on stage all of those sexy hair personas and more over the last 6 years -- I needed those long locks. But something has been whispering to me and last week I found in a magazine a photo that simply resonated with something inside. So I took it in to my most excellent hairdresser (thank you, Evet), closed my eyes, and was pushed over the cliff. Who did the pushing? Me. With a leap of faith, and a heap of courage, a lot can happen.


  1. hey, my hair use to be past my waist and when i hit my 40's that is when i slowly started cutting it... i like the length now, now that i have a professional taking care of it...texture and color is better than ever... love this page, V. she looks empowered and self assured.

  2. Thanks! She looks how I feel -- sometimes -- LOL!