Thursday, July 8, 2010

Studio Time Challenge -- Day 6

Earth in Balance Altered Book: Where We Live
Well, I shamefacedly admit that I haven't met my challenge for a week. I could blame the holiday weekend, a number of social events, my enrollment in a month-long Musical Theater workshop. But the truth is I just didn't feel like making the time. I even got behind on my Daily Journal Page Challenge. Part of me has been gnawing on myself for not sticking with my goal. The other sees it just for what it is -- a slacking off from doing something that I really like to do. There are a lot of expectations I put on myself around creating. Around being responsible. Around doing things "right." Man, there are too, too many voices. And the voices just make things muddy. I just didn't want to go "in there". But today I stepped over my inertia and I spent my 2 hours in the studio. I seemed to spin my wheels a lot today, but I caught up with my journal pages, and I did one spread in my Earth in Balance altered book. Earth may or may not be in balance; I guess that's true for me to. But I'm keepin' on truckin'.

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