Thursday, July 8, 2010

2010 Daily Journal Page Challenge...Day 94

2010 Daily Journal Page Challenge -- Day 94: Discovering
There is a certain feeling I get when I start to discover things about myself and/or a situation. It is often a most unsettling, even uncomfortable, place to be in. And I'm not necessarily talking a bout "bad" things -- even new things bring a change. After living on this planet for over five decades, one can get a little settled in one's thought patterns. You know what I'm saying? But if you live life with a perpetual question, you are always learning about life, about you. Believe me, I wish I wasn't so conscious most of the time. Part of me longs to live in unadulterated bliss, eating chocolates, shopping, spas...laughing, singing, creating. But that moment of illumination often throws me into a topsy-turvy place, where I'm not sure what's up or down. Or I feel like ants are crawling on me. Or I want to sleep for hours at a time. It may last a minute. It may go on for hours, days, weeks. But once I get through that moment there's a "click", and somehow my world has been changed again. And I always know it's for the better.

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  1. That face looks soooo lifelike...I have to agree w/you...Too much of a good thing can be a little un nerving...