Friday, July 2, 2010

Studio Time Challenge -- Day 5

This and That -- Day 5
I spent a total of 4 hours in the studio today -- I'd say this was a good day. My friend Sophie came for a session and we had a really good time together inspiring each other to creative heights. I worked on four items: the cover of my altered book, newly renamed Miz Adventures (formerly A Round-Heeled Woman); completed my Daily Journal Page Challenge entry; and created one spread each in my "To Do" journal, and my "Oriel Biz" journal. I felt a little bit fractured -- I bounced back and fourth between my projects -- and although I felt a bit uncomfortable, I know that this place of unrest can be a very strong place for creative possibilities. I kept one eye on Sophie's progress and making suggestions for possible directions. One of the things I became aware of today was the phenomena by which you can start a collage with one very strong image and by the end it seems to lose it's energy (for that collage) and is discarded. I often will think I have to hold onto that "prized" image, that I have to make it work. Not so, it seems. The image may call in other images and then its work is done, or it can be used in another collage. Sophie had a lot of feeling around this image of a woman with her arms outstretched. I suggested that she give it some depth and strength by mounting it on illustration board and cutting it out. She placed it on a canvas, which she had painted and it drew in a lot of beautiful images. But soon it was evident that it no longer belonged on the canvas. I didn't want Sophie to nix the image, and was quite adamant about that. But I surrendered my opinion and kept working on my projects. When I lifted my head, Sophie had started on another impromptu collage using this image and boy did it find itself a home.

Sophie's Image Dancing the Light Fandango in a New Home

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  1. Loved what Sophie came up with!.What good energy that photo has... Yeah, I wished I lived near by!!.