Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Oriel Pendant Challenge -- Week 3: Vamp Lifeblood

Vamp Lifeblood Oriel (Front)
I am resuming my (definitely) sporadic Weekly Oriel Pendant Challenge, but in truth I created more than 30 new pendants for my street faire last month (and will be posting some of them as the days go by) so this could actually be Week 33. But that would be cheating, wouldn't it?This pendant was inspired by this year's Don't Quit Your Day Job Dancers production, Vamp. The graphic image was taken off the net -- I couldn't find a credit, but if I run across it again I will give the artist his or her due for this strong, feminine image. (I suppose I picked her because she looks a bit like me in my vampire costume :).) She is backed with a black silk ribbon and a cool white embroidered ribbon (like her so so pale skin) embellished with a maroon ironwork scroll design. A blood red Swavorski crystal rhinestone dots the base of her neck -- like a drop of blood. She has the power to take, or to give, lifeblood. Swavorski crystal beads in jet and red hang from an appropriately Gothic pendant.


  1. omg, i thought it was u! lol...this should attract the 'twilight' very sensual.. good to see u back.

  2. Thanks Chrissy -- I'm slowly making my way back online!