Monday, June 14, 2010

2010 Daily Journal Page Challenge...Day 71

2010 Daily Journal Page Challenge -- Day 71: Unlike Any Place Else
I've just "landed" after a very intense 8 weeks...4 weeks of prepping for a local street faire where I exhibited my jewelry for the first time to the greater public...and 2 weeks of performing in the Vamp "dansicle" in which I had (for me) a significant part. I felt totally pushed beyond my resources emotionally and physically in both events. Yet both events were a great success and I enjoyed both of them even thrilled) often anxious. And now I've returned to my ordinary life. Or at least it seems that way. Yet something has profoundly changed in my awareness of who I am and what I bring to this life, this world. Unmeasurable by rational standards, nevertheless something has radically changed. And as I sit in my totally disorganized office, or lean through the doorway and look wistfully at my chaotic art studio, I think to myself, how is this different than before? How am I different from before? I suppose the glaring, most revolutionary change is that I am not compelled to answer that question anymore. So unlike my old self to try and figure every thing out. I can feel that some hunger that perhaps had to do with recognition or self worth has been quieted to a whisper. What, I can't hear you.... And perhaps now there resides a stronger sense of inner confidence that I will move into each new situation as it meets me. Imagine that.

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  1. yep, back to the old grind, huh? enjoyed the photos!.