Monday, April 5, 2010

Featured Oriel Pendant: Sparkle A Plenty

Sparkle Diva Oriel Pendant
Sparkle Diva was one of the first oriel pendants I created in my GlamGirls series! We all secretly admire GlamGirls -- openly sexy, flirtatious, haughty, naughty, sassy, svelte....This line of oriel pendants celebrated the feminine, the movie star, the pin up girl, the seductress. You may not want to be her, but you may just want to try her on for a spell. It's like ordering a Pink Cosmos for the first time. You may not want to make them a habit -- but you love the way your pink lipstick sits on the edge of the glass!


  1. Beautiful pendant and you're so right! I might not be a pin up girl but I adore them. And nice position of the jewels, hahaha! ;) Thank you for sharing.