Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wild and Wooly Creating

I've been out of my studio for most of the previous week because of house guests, and I'm chomping on the bit to get my fingers dirty with ink, oil pastels, and pictures. Yet the brakes still seem to be on. The story of my life. That's OK. Perseverance and creating any little thing is the name of the game. Stoke those fires! Get those doggies rollin'! First, though, here is a sneak at my messy, messy, studio. How many objects can you count in this photo? Will I ever be organized?


  1. Virginia, I remember when u last fixed up your studio!,..this isn't bad... u have your markers and pens at least in cups... It just seems bad, bet u can find everything u need.

  2. this is my favorite looking "mess"!! i see this in artist's spaces & wish i had my camera because it looks like a gorgeous field to me! and....i look forward to see what will continue to rise up out of it for you!!! xo