Friday, January 29, 2010

2009-10 Daily Journal Page Challenge...Day 293

2009-10 Daily Journal Page Challenge -- Day 293: Ancient and Modern
Don't you just feel like this sometimes? I know that I do! A sexy modern girl on the outside, but a cloistered nun or Puritan on the inside! Don't look back -- keep moving forward!


  1. I hadn't thought about it this way until I saw your collage - that the two can exist simultaneously in one person. Quite true!

    About your comment - " you have a beautiful eye and your work delivers me to some unknown yet familiar place." - that is just about the most wonderful thing someone's written about my work. Mind if I quote you somewhere?
    What name should I use?

  2. Well, for me, it's true about your work! Certainly -- and you can use "Virginia from My Mane Blowing in the Wind" and link to this blog. Have a creative Monday!