Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Collage: Catnip Dreams

Catnip Dreams
Mixed media collage in altered journal: ink markers, dye ink pads, stars, paper, pens
It's been a week since I've done any "real" art. My Kentucky girlfriends, Janet and Nancy, (who I've known since age 14) came in town for a rainy California visit and there wasn't any real me time. But that's OK, I loved being with them and showing them the sites. Yesterday I took them to the airport, came back home and was zoning out watching the tube. My cat Zeus was zoning out next to me on the couch. I grabbed some art tools and started sketching. I never know at this stage what's going to come out. Zeus opened his eyes from time to time, but didn't move -- such a good art model. He was dreaming of an Elvis mouse, I think. Anyway that's what I saw!

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  1. Can u believe the rain we had?? Love that drawing...Elvis mouse, hmmm that would be a sight wouldn't it?