Wednesday, January 27, 2010

2009-10 Daily Journal Page Challenge...Day 292

2009-10 Daily Journal Page Challenge -- Day 292: Blossoming Aeracura
Back in 1982-83 I was a commission rep for the Washington DC area. I had over 20 gift and book lines. My favorite line was U.S. Games Systems -- the largest publisher in the world of tarot card and playing card decks. I enjoyed opening up people to the divinatory and game playing aspects of tarot. I never really learned all of the traditional meaning of the cards, but I have always used them as if I were interpreting dreams or calling specific energies to assist me through the day. It's fun -- it's a kick -- and it definitely adds to my creative life. One of today's cards was of the goddess Aeracura -- a Celtic and Germanic goddess. Key words: Slow down, have patience. Aeracura assists a person in putting goals and challenges into perspective, and I love this -- she's particularly fond of assisting artists and inventors!

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