Thursday, November 19, 2009

Collage: A Boy's Dream Travels

Collage: A Boy's Dream Travels
Found some time today to do another collage. I never know what's going to emerge. Four things that I keep in the back of my mind: Cover the whole page. Strive for balance. Don't try to figure out what the image selections mean. Just cut and paste.

I like all of the mystical elements that emerged in this -- a Mexican shaman, a cavern lit with golden light, the Buddha. Galileo's workshop in the background, animals. The boy stands next to a pole (missing a STOP sign?) in front of a village street. He's facing the future (as is the Buddha); travel, self-knowledge, growth, earning his stripes. When consulting Stephen Farmer's Power Animal oracle cards, giraffe represents foresight "the ability to see what's in store for the future".

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  1. Wow, a journal page a day for a year! Good for you...that is quite a challenge. I loved your slide show!