Thursday, August 20, 2009

Red-Tail Hawk Totem: Pendant Challenge -- Week 7

I am behind in my posting on my weekly pendant challenge! Shameful, but I'm over it.
I have always had an affinity for Red-Tail hawks -- ever since my high school sweetheart introduced me to the art of falconry (and kisses in the back of his Dodge Dart). I even learned to mimic their cries, thanks to my grandfather who taught me how to call my ponies up from the lower pasture with high-pitched Indian whistles. Whenever I hear a hawk calling, I call back (you really can't say it's a whistle, it's more like a scream). Shocks the hell out of whoever is near me, but the hawks respond positively and we have a conversation back and forth until one of us tires of it. In animal shaman lore, Red-Tail hawks represent mystery and magic. So look for good things coming into your life when you hear or see one.

If you like this oriel and want to know more about it or purchase one, visit my Etsy shop.


  1. i would love to be nearby and hear your conversation carried on the wind with our feathered friends!

  2. Virginia, that is fabulous! it. the charm really sets it off.