Thursday, August 20, 2009

Happy Thursday!

The Happiness Week continues and the top of the list of what brings me a bit of happiness everyday is....chocolate. These particular chocolate squares are my current indulgence. It is everything I need to satisy that addictive, sugar-loving side of myself. Six squares of organic, raw, live chocolate -- $9.95 a box (GORaw Real Live Chocolate), at least one box every day. And I don't feel guilty. Not in the least. It does help that each of these little angels are only 32 calories and 1 gram of fat. Only two ingredients: raw, organic cacao and organic agave nectar -- resulting in a dark, robust, culinary treat that seems to move through the tastebuds right into the bloodstream. And yes, I could almost call these chocolate petitfours orgasmic. Love gone wrong? Eat some of these. Lost your job? Hock your record collection and stock up on a cupboard full of these babies. No kidding. Happy Thursday!


  1. hocking of old mindless CDs on right now, but can i first have a taste test to make sure, absolutely certain, that might selling of old worldly goods will not be in vain? please? just a little bite?

  2. Well, come on over for coffee or tea and chocolate, my dear!