Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Journal Page Creations...Day 126

Journal Page Creations -- Day 126: It's So Easy
I've always been a worrier, a self-doubter, judgemental of myself and of my actions -- or inactions. It's not been easy being me. But I have learned one thing over the last several years that has helped me walk on down the road: to just open the door -- to hold the thought that things aren't always what they seem, that there is always another side to things, always another song to sing. If I do that, live in the question, holding the possibility that I'm just not aware of the whole picture -- life is is a bit easier, gentler, smoother and often surprising!


  1. hey, wise woman!. lol... u r so right... btw, i love the colors....and that gal definitely looks like she has something on her mind!. whenever i worry my butt off it seems it was for nothing!. ever have that happen to you?

  2. What a wonderful way to look at life! I am going to make a note of this, it is great advise.
    I like the way you set up your journal pages! There is room to expand and write, as well as this delicious border and interest areas. Very inviting and wonderful.

  3. Yes, most of my worries are blown out of proportion because I let the fear or anxiety run me -- but that happens less and less now. Maybe that comes with age LOL! And thanks Ann, I'm having fun with this challenge and its a great way to make my boring to do's not so boring!