Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Journal Page Creations...Day 125

Journal Page Creations -- Day 125: Refreshing
This year has given us an unbelievably cool summer in the Bay Area with only a few days of triple digit heat. However, I have the feeling that the best of the heat is yet to come. If so, this image will remind me of cooler times. I have always loved seahorses. Did you know there are over 47 species of seahorses? Dwarfs that are no bigger than an inch to giants of up to a foot long (high?). I remember as a pre-teen standing in the clear, shallow waves of a Naples, Florida, beach and seeing a 4 or 5 inch seahorse come swimming toward me. It was magic. I held out my finger under the water and the seahorse came towards it and briefly brushed its tale around my finger. But I guess I wasn't sea-weedy or tail-wrapping worthy enough and it went on its way. Its little side fins reminded me of hummingbird wings, fluttering madly yet propelling it forward even though it was being gently buffeted by the waves. Pure magic.

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