Saturday, July 25, 2009

Journal Page Creations...Day 115

Journal Page Creations -- Day 115: Do Come In
For some reason, this spread has the feeling of the theater for me: footlights, darkness, a feeling of starkness, moving from light nto dark and from dark into light. When I've stood in the wings, waiting to walk onto the stage, or stood on the stage in blackout waiting for the music to start, there is always an expectancy mixed with terror: will I remember my steps, will I keep on the beat, can I communicate the joy I feel when I dance? Over the years of performing, the stage fright has receded for the most part, and like a well-seasoned hoofer, I can carry on. Most of the time, unless it's an outright stumble, people can't tell if you've fudged or forgotten. So instead I focus on giving, dancing my best. And smiling. I always smile. A smile goes a long way in smoothing out the rough spots!

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