Sunday, July 26, 2009

Colorblast Bouquets

Shopping for my DH's birthday party and couldn't resist an on-the-fly snapshot of these bursts of color. How beautiful this grouping of bouquets were -- you almost wonder -- are they real? Do you care? NO! They're a feast for the eyes.

Then I had to grab this shot of an arrangment just finished by the shopkeeper... the island on which they are sitting was directly under a skylight and the rays of the sun were fabulously highlighting their spiky heads...
And then, amongst a slew of Mirror, Mirror Challenge possiblities for August, I captured this blurry, Monet-inspired collage of color:

All photos were taken at my all time favorite Marin florist -- Hearts and Flowers -- in Tiburon...celebrating 30 years of providing the locals with flower candy!

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