Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pedicures and Petunias

I was sitting in my hot tub this morning and doing some stretches and admiring a pot of petunias, when I noticed my toes were the same color as the petunias. Not that anyone would be interested in my pedicure, or my feet -- but they certainly grabbed my attention for a few minutes in the early California morning sunlight. First I noticed that after many years of dancing, I can actually point my toes pretty well. This is actually a BIG DEAL -- a couple of years ago I had NO arch to speak of, and the mark of a dancer is that you have an arch and you can point your toes. So here I am in the 104 degree water and I am happy -- I am a dancer -- finally! And with that I spread my toes real wide like a duck and started laughing. LOL!!!! What a good start to the day. May you have toes that point, or at least a lovely pedicure!


  1. i think for a dancer like you u need to maintain your feet well.i am not a dance but i am still very conscious about mt feel, so i can understand wht u would feel.I dont like it if its dirty, so i regularly get a pedicure done at a parlour. but recently i read this article which talks about doin it at home. i read it n it was so simple. i am goin to try it today itself.. why dont even u do tht??/