Friday, June 19, 2009

Journal Page Creations...Day 77

Journal Page Creations...Day 77: But What Has Really Changed?

My main computer crashed today (sob!) -- I couldn't scan today's journal page. So I improvised and took a photo and uploaded it to my laptop. Good old-fashioned ingenuity. What really does change? I'm not sure anything really does. Yet it's part of the human condition or nature to believe that change is possible. I remember taking a human potential workshop in the 80's and being told that there is no hope. Pretty harsh, and it was one of the hardest tenants to accept. But there is a fine line to passively hoping and watching things pass you by or seizing the moment and cartwheeling into space, hoping that you land with both feet underneath you.


  1. I can't believe u were told that in the class u took... That instructor evidently was inputting his/her personal opinion .. Did anyone question it? There is always a way to work things out, its just a matter of trying...

  2. In retrospect, it was an excellent exercise in challenging your belief systems. That's always an uncomfortable place to be in. I understand now the why of it -- many people use hope as a way to not take action in their lives, hoping that things will get better. The course came from a place of engendering self-empowerment. Yes, hope, but you have the power to change your circumstances to make your world, the world better.

  3. yep, u r right people do use hope that way.. my grandma use to always say "its in God's hands" I remember telling her, ' is that fair to God?" she could never answer me... and everyone has the power to change but alot don't want to either take the chance of failure or maybe they don't want to take the chance that they could succeed.. success can be just as scary as defeat. Frankly I always believe, if u don't try u will never know.