Sunday, June 14, 2009

Journal Page Creations...Day 72

Journal Page Creations -- Day 72: My Turn

What is it about vampires that is so alluring? I must have the series True Blood on my mind, because this spread seems slightly vampiric, what with her dark, purply eyes and bare throat and the bloodlike path of the golden liquid.Vampires captured my imagination back in the late seventies. I saw a BBC production starring Louis Jourdan as Dracula, and I just sort of had a bout of temporary insanity. I mean, really, what is it about being willing to give your heart, soul, and life up for some guy? And a pale one with sharp teeth and a huge appetite for your blood -- really!!! Nevertheless the strings of my heart were plucked and they loudly reverberated when I found a used copy of Anne Rice's Interview with a Vampire. That sealed it for me. I think over a span of a couple of years, I collected over 100 books, novels, and comic books on vampires! A little obsessive, don't you think? I sold my collection a number of years ago, and then all of a sudden vampires are the rage: True Blood with its mind-reading Sookie Stackhouse and her vampire lover, Bill Comptom, piqued my interest again. Then Twilight and the Stephanie Meyers series showed up with its young lovers (one a vampire, one a mere mortal, very Romeo and Juliet), and I was hooked again. Who would have thought it!


  1. I bet the gal was on an ad for makeup, right? or the dress she was wearing??? and yes, it does have a vampire look to it...funny what makeup can do...

  2. Yes, I think I have a gazillion magazines that I am trying to get through for images and then throw into the recycling. I probably ripped her out because I use purple so infrequently!