Saturday, June 13, 2009

Journal Page Creations...Day 71

Journal Page Creations -- Day 71: I'll Never Forget That Day

Which day is that, I ask? There are so many of them, they blur together. How can I name just one? How about the day I rode a retired Olympic horse in Russia? Or the day I found a huge hunk of beautiful, pink crystallized coral fossil in a Kentucky creek bed? Or the night I captured enough glowing fireflies in a mason jar to light up my bedroom late into the night? Or the morning I woke up to find two kittens in my childhood bed softly mewing? Or my first kiss underneath a bush on a muggy summer night? Or the day I "heard" my horse-to-be tell me his real name? Or the snowy night where I saw my destiny? There are so many of them, like jewels, or paper cranes strung on a chain. I have been so lucky. How about you?


  1. hmmm, i have a few.. I remember vividly each child's birth!.., I remember the accomplishments of my kids, college, their personal epiphomies, my ability to handle things my husband use to do.. even buying a house and dealing w/ men who worked for the builder... lol, yep, i put them in their place and they realized i wasn't just 'a housewife'...
    Best of all I learned to be a more forgiving person..

  2. Rich, full, and powerful memories...and lessons!