Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Spirit Cats Deck: Cute Cats, a Sprinkle of Magic and a Lot of Heart

Some people get the magical properties of cats. My artist friend, Nicole Piar, definitely does!!! Among her many talents include loving, playful custom portraits of your favorite feline companion. She captured both Zeus and his sister Angelina's (both now 20 years old) portraits in endearing, and sincerely mystical, ways. 

Nicole has now gathered together many of the feline portraits she has created over the years to form an inspirational oracle deck. On February 1 Nicole has launched her very own Kickstarter campaign "Nicole Piar’s Spirit Cat Inspirational Card Deck". It's a r-r-r-rousing success, which it should be.

Do yourself a favor and check out this beautiful, hand-painted oracle deck. They are available to early-bird buyers at the sweet discounted price of only $15. Each card in the 44-card deck has its own positive and inspirational message that can help to brighten up your day in much the same way as a cuddle from your own beloved feline friends. And if you dig the art and want to immortalize your own cat, then check out the Kickstarter reward for commissioning a painting of your own cat. These cats are just too cute!


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