Friday, November 20, 2015

Caught Up!!! AEDM2015 Days 19 & 20

Yesterday was my father's birthday -- he would have been 103 years old! I though about him a lot as the day progressed. He had such a wonderful spirit and helped many people change their lives through his work as an AA sponsor. My father encouraged my spiritual searching and encouraged me to find some sort of program and work it. He opened the door for my journey -- one, it seems, of many unanswered questions. Yet more and more I accept the gifts of "not knowing" all the answers, and discovery and joy seem to be some of the byproducts. I look forward to seeing Daddy-O again one day.
AEDM2015 Day 19: Unanswered Questions
 What is essential: To life? To living? To loving? A mysterious question demanding a lifetime of answering.
AEDM2015 Day 20: What's Essential

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